BOINC@Australia - THE Aussie Alliance !

BOINC@Australia is the top Australian team participating in BOINC distributed computing projects, giving a definite Aussie Presence. We have over 6062 of which 560 are regularly active members and have generated over 557 BILLION credits  at this time.. that's a LOT of Science !

BOINC@Australia has a team in all the BOINC projects and is crunching actively in most of them. Join us in one or more project/s to help the advancement of science and advance an Aussie team in the ranks of contributors. If you have been crunching previously, any BBC Climate Project credits transfer with you, and any future crunching with us will help build and strengthen our fantastic team.

There are a number of very good reasons to select BOINC@Australia as your team... we are the first and largest Aussie Alliance, with a fantastic member retention and participation rate (better than MOST teams!) and with us you CAN compete against the world's Power-teams.
While we are here for the Science, we also enjoy the fun side of it all... we have a team website, a very active forum, great team camaraderie and best of all, GREAT team members.
Over the years, there have been a number of members from other overseas teams come and join us when they hear of our "Aussie Assaults" (quarterly "Attacks" on a democratically elected project) especially when they see how we compete against the large overseas teams... and a number of those overseas visitors have actually stayed on to become very valuable members of our team.
We are open to new suggestions, new members and new science. Come and look us over - You can check out our web site by clicking on the team logo below and also have a look around our forum, although most of the topics are members only and not shown to guests..


Who can join our team ?

Whether you are contributing a little to one project with one old computer or participate in several projects with a building full of the latest equipment, your contribution is always welcome.

While our emphasis is on Australians living anywhere in the world (including Australia) and anyone living in, or having some connection with Australia, anyone is welcome to join us.


Helping Scientific Research

BOINC@Australia is a group of ordinary computer users with a strong interest in helping Scientific Research. By using the idle time on our computers we assist scientists in finding cures for cancer, influenza and other diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, search for extraTerrestrial intelligence and help with numerous other scientific projects.

Scientists use a program called BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) to create a volunteer computing project, giving them access to computing power from thousands of computers world wide. In some cases, the computing power they are able to access rivals that of supercomputers.


Help us keep the momentum going

At last count there were well over 59,000 Australian participants in combined BOINC projects. There are over 1,648 Australian teams, with BOINC@Australia leading the pack on both the total combined BOINC credits and recent average credit (RAC).

We are by far the most successful Aussie team and are in the top 40 globally out of 108,548 Teams. So why set up another Aussie team when our combined computing power can keep the best placed Aussie team in the top 40 (and hopefully BACK into the top 20 - we HAVE been at  #9 in the World !) worldwide?

As the song goes: "Come on Aussie come on, come on".


BOINC@Australia Forum

Please visit our Team Forum which can be reached via the link at the top of the page.
You will find lots of useful information on projects, Team Statistics, Help Pages on how to set up your computer for best results, what hardware to use and lots of How To's provided by helpful and friendly members.
Our forum provides a place for members to exchange views and experiences with not just BOINC Related topics, but a multitude of issues.... compared to some other team forums, Boinc@Australia's Forum is somewhat like a Social Network Site at times !
A lot of the content is only available to registered team / forum members.. so you will have to join us for a while to come and have a look over it !

Forum Membership

Due to heavy spamming we have limited forum membership to members of BOINC@AUSTRALIA, though visitors DO have read-only access to part of the forum.
In order for your registration to be accepted, you must currently be actively gaining credit for BOINC@AUSTRALIA in at least one BOINC project. Please register using the same name and email address you use in BOINC projects, so we can verify that you are a team member.



BOINC@Australia's Combined Statistics

The table featured below displays the "bare bones" of our team's statistics:

The number of current active members ..

The Team's total credit across all projects ..

The Team's World Ranking on Total credits.

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