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AA 39

Just a reminder that AA 39 starts on the 01 September.  The voting on the forum is over and the projects for CPU and GPU have been selected.  The Team email is in the process of being sent to all members and should be finalized today or tomorrow.

Hope to see you joining the AA.








AA38 starts on the 01 June 14 at 00:00 UTC.  This is the first AA where we have a CPU and a GPU project to crunch.  Go to the forum to see the projects that were picked, but you should have received an email from me last week giving all the details and links.  Crunch on Team and let's see if we can increase our world standing on the projects chosen.

 AA statistics will be displayed on the Forum for the AA and a big thank you to dyeman for gathering all the information and presenting the statistics in a spreadsheet for all members to see.






AA-37 Great Success

AA37 on POGS was a great success as we re gained our number one position in the world.  There were some obstacles with the AA in that I had problems sending the emails to Team members.  I think that many members may not have received the AA email that I sent.  My ISP has implemented restrictions on the number of emails that can be sent per hour and per day and I tried to keep within the restrictions but have been told on the forum that many members did not receive the email.  We can't become complacent though in POGS as there are team closing in on our # 1 position.   I am continuing to crunch POGS for a while.

Congratulations to all members that crunched theSkyNet POGS project during the AA period.

Join the forum and vote on the next project for the AA in a couple of months.







Call to ARMS for all members

BOINC@AUSTRALIA  was the number one team in the world for theSkyNet POGS project and it was the first Australian BOINC project.  We lost this #1 position to team L'Alliance Frankophone as they passed us on the 20 Feb 14 and continue to contribute almost three times the amount of work as we are.  


I call on All members of the Team to crunch as much POGS as they can so that we can get the #1 position back.  Attach to the project with this url and remember to join the Team. 




 AA 35 Great Success

AA 35 was conducted between 01 - 14 Sept 13 on the only Australian BOINC Project "the SkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey" and was a great Success.  The Team is #1 in the world on this project but the World French speaking Team "L'Alliance Francophone" are having an Assault on the project as well and have much more crunching power than our Team.   Fortunately we had a 100 million credit lead at the start of their push but that is now down to about a 68 Million credit lead.

If you missed out on the AA or are looking for a project to crunch please consider POGS as it is the first Australian BOINC project and we need to keep our #1 position in the world as we are the #1 Australian Team.  Remember to join the Team after you create your account in POGS.

Join the forum and have a say on the next AA project and keep up to date on what is happening with the Team and it's members.  The next AA is scheduled to run 01 -14 December 13 so look for the Poll on the forum in November.




POLL for AA 35


Have a voice in the project for the next Aussie Assault and go to the forum and vote.  The Poll will end 16 Aug 2013.



 POLL for AA 34


Have a voice in the project for the next AA and go to the forum and vote.  The Poll will end 25 May 2013.






Nominate POLL projects for AA 34


Go to the Team forum and vote on which projects should be in the POLL for the next AA.  





Let's Fight Round 2


The Team is having a mini AA on FightMalaria@home from 24 Apr - 01 May.  If you would like to join then attach to the project using this url  and make sure that you join the Team on your Account page.   Team standings can be seen at this web site.


4th BOINC Pentathlon

There is a BOINC Pentathlon that will run from the 05 May to the 18 May 2013 Inclusive over five projects. More information can be seen HERE.   


Aussie Assault Thirty Three.

The project for AA33 have been voted on in the forum and the AA will be conducted from 01 Mar 13 to 14 Mar 13 UTC .  To see what the project is, and/or request help go to the Team forum.  Team Forum

Hope to see a good turnout of members joining in on the AA.






Aussie Assault Thirty two a great success

AA32 was conducted on the project theSkyNet PS! Optical Galaxy Survey (POGS), between 01 and 14 December 2012.  The Team was in second place at the start of the AA and the number one Team was well out in front.  It did not look encouraging that the Team would catch them and take over the number one position.  The Team took over #1 position in the world the day after the AA finished.  As the number one Australian Team over all in BOINC we thought that we should be the number one Team on POGS as it is the first Australian Project.  Many members are still working on POGS to try and keep the #1 position.

Well done to all members of the Team that contributed, from big to small credits, they all make a difference and this is definitely a project that has a swag of science behind it.  Thank you also to dyeman and veebee for providing statistics in their own unique style that is usufull and easy to read by all members.




Voting open for AA 32


Members are asked to vote for the project they wish to be the focus of AA 32.  Members can vote HERE on the Poll in the forum.  The Poll closes on 24 Nov and the AA will commence at 00:00 UTC 01 Dec 2012



Nominations for AA 32


Nominations for the next AA are on the Forum for Members.   

Nominations close 00:00 UTC 14 Nov 2012



"First Australian BOINC Project" 

TheSkyNet PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey (POGS) is the first Australian based BOINC project.  The project will combine the spectral coverage of GALEX, Pan-STARRS1, and WISE to generate a multi-wavelength UV-optical-NIR galaxy atlas for the nearby Universe. We will measure physical parameters (such as stellar mass surface density, star formation rate surface density, attenuation, and first-order star formation history) on a resolved pixel-by-pixel basis using spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting techniques in a distributed computing mode.  

The Team is currently in second place in the world on this project and Team members can attach using BOINC and the following url.  Please remember to join the Team on "Your Account" page once you have attached.





This quarters "AA" was aimed at World Community Gridand as a favourite amongst many members, the participation rate was wonderful.

Unfortunately, it is a highly participated in project worldwide, particularly amongst teams with much larger member numbers, making it hard to gain positions worldwide, but, when we concentrate our efforts on a project like this, it really cements our standing and in the world positions and DOES show we have some mighty fine fire-power, for a "small team".

We di however small we may be, manage to climb two places during the "AA" from position 45 worldwide up to number 43  ! WELL DONE TEAM !!

The final results of our "AA Competitons" were as follows:

Top movers within the team:

the "Top Movers" in the team for AA29, were lamborn1 in First place, with Kingbilt and EliteFatCat tying for equal second place.


the "Progressive Points table", awards points daily, for those top 20 output members each day during the AA:

First Place was Archangel1 on 255 points

Second Place was Mick Lindsay on 219 points, followed closely by

Third place, Lonewolf_53 on 217 points.


Dont forget to keep an eye out for the next "AA" announcement email from Dingo, for "AA 30" to be conducted in June.


I am looking at designing "medals" which members can use in their Forum signatures if they so desire. They will be for the top 3 positions of "Top Mover" and "Top Output" (by the daily points table).
here is the final product I made up for the last Aussie Assault, and is for "1st Place, Top Ouput".
Could members please have a think, and if they would like me to pursue completing them, let us know in the team forum.








There are two places that I sign up the Team to Team Challenges and they are at BOINCSTATS and on World Community Grid (WCG).   There are challenges ongoing most of the time on both web pages.  The Team naturally does quite well on these challenges as the Team processes data from a wide range of projects.  The links to the Challenge pages are as follows:



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